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søndag 20. september 2015

These parents lose funding

Can push Northug occasion. Johaug * Pooh never get Aalesund matches * Rank Kills on Jagland

Norwegian man seriously injured by accidental shot in Sweden

"We have a pretty clear picture of what happened"

These children the pictures should not embark on Facebook

The teacher demanded sex - otherwise it was ironing

The bus slid into a ditch with several passengers

This is the best chips I've tasted!

She is the richest of Norwegian women

Possibly married to two women, recorded the sex scene and won the "Year goof"

I know I look different on the upper body, it will not prevent me from going in bikini

The biggest thing I've done in my life

Here are mountain party that can breed anytime

The woman who was shot by police is charged with attempted murder

Here is the car police believe was used to run away and dump Tina Jørgensen

This tape will help the worrying trend among Norwegian children

Michelle's sons have three mothers: - It is possible this is taboo for some but not for us

Police followed pickpockets - found the house filled with loot

The man has never moved faster

Lets provoked by the municipality strange system

Only the next few knew she was seriously ill

This police found in the death of the pilot 'happiness diary "

learning course seemed good, until they started talking

The officer became suspicious - this hidden in trailer

Beckham about his son's message: - It broke my heart

Smoking is deadlier than we thought

Image engages and provokes

Here is scarcely one cottage built legally

Emilie will only give one penny to refugees

Foto: Skreantrump

Vi er alle kjent med at flyktninger fra Syria  hver eneste dag er på flukt , og trenger folkets hjelp.  

Det er mange i  vår verden som gjerne, på sin måte,  vil hjelpe de mange tusen flyktningen som er på flukt.. Emilie på 22 år

som egentlig er gutt,  jobber som blogger, og er i fra Trondheims området,  er en av dem som gjerne

 vil rekke flyktningene sin hjelpendehånd .  I sitt nyeste blogginnlegg som heter,  "Verv en venn og hjelp meg å hjelpe!"

forteller "ung-jenta" at hun gjerne vil hjelpe flyktningene på sin måte. Emilie skriver følgende. på bloggen  

For hver nye følger på facebooksiden frem til og med mandag 21/10 vil jeg gi én krone til Flyktninghjelpen....



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fredag 18. september 2015

This threatened the photographer - for what he just filmed

Police will have full isolation for sikta in Tina-saka

Migrants have died in tunnel

Warns test poorest saviett

Six-issue that makes Skavlan perplexed

Sophie Elise: - Now it's fucking enough!

Morten had to pick this sticker from the car while the children looked on

The fugitive was fired by TV reporter. Now he has his dream job

To prevent autumn depression

Supermodel received criticism - answer slaughtered TV star

A man is abducted by violent episode - can be seriously injured

Found giant leech in drinking water

Research: Three mistakes that lead to infidelity

Do not accept being Facebook friends with this profile

Police: Anne (39) died of overdose inserted by a doctor

15 YEARS OLD MURDER: TINA JØRGENSEN: All four have managed to shut up for fifteen years, is special and very rare

Morten (28) had to laugh out loud when he opened sandwich

The daughter's baby crying awakened mother from coma

In one week matched the dog the friend who had fallen down a hole

Many believe they must abdicate: - Inevitable

Drove in 176 km / h on the E6 in amfetaminrus