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torsdag 25. februar 2016

Family and friends honor the murdered John

The Task Force went into the house during the police chase

Adele cursed and wept at the Brit Awards

She burst into tears on stage

It becomes a delayed interview in week 9


I følge en mannlig blogger fra Telemark-distriktet, skulle et Vg-intervju av han ha blitt publisert i denne uken. Nå skal

det vise at intervjuet blir forsinket. Det skal nå ha blitt i uke 9 at intervjuet vil bli publisert. Det er Telemarkingen selv som skrev et

eget blogginnlegg på  bloggen sin i kveld. Innlegget er også delt på denne bloggen, som også kan se ut å tilhøre samme eier.

YOU teach your baby to bully!

How to get finer butt and boobs?

When anxiety returned

13 Tips for Blogging

Why hate all the plastic moment?

Blogs from Telemark (30): - VG interview is delayed

A small note was the start of a 13-year long nightmare

New buttons on Facebook

Check Christopher (20) insane training jumps

Buyer neighbor's cottage for sheep quarrel

Saturday is the last weekend you will be visited by the postman

Some "Baywatch" tab will be disappointed

Arrested the man they believe torched Jessica (19)

Asylum interpreter who caught everyone off and ran away from the Norwegian authorities

Lucy (29) died after eighteen months with mysterious itch

This can give you hang boobs

30 years ago Olof Palme was killed Drapet that shook Sweden

Is it ok to kiss the dog, really?

The family paid thousands for guest house in Thailand - came to the locked door

One person trapped after traffic accident in Roros

Russian 16-year-old won a month in hotels with porn star

New chocolate topping can cause stomach trouble

Boy injured in stabbing at school in Bergen

Alicia (13) was chained to the bedroom floor to abuser

mandag 1. februar 2016

He is accused of raping their daughters over a period of 15 years

"Harry Potter" actor talks about scenes he would rather forget

Lene Alexandra: - I have experienced a lot of jealousy and bullying

"Lisa" (13) said she had been abducted and raped by a group of immigrants. Now she admits lie

Thorbjørn weighed 125 kg at age 15

How often do you replace your profile picture on Facebook reveal to you

Diving (22) was stuck under water when he worked on platform - died of his injuries

Two crackers before 6 o'clock am

Collect Cases from SOL.NO

Were trapped after head-on collision in Finnmark

Rape Accused householder Ye shall know the truth

To the forest after a collision with trucks on E16

- We were completely shocked when we heard Elise's weight

Website kneeling. Customers escaping the channel conflict

You can not be so sick that you can not work!