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lørdag 26. mars 2016

Sophie Elise: - The idea of sharing private things gives me anxiety

Anna Rasmussen regret: She sits with a terrible feeling

They will use the carrot and stick approach to getting more people into work

Test: Powder or tablets: The result is frightening - Norway

He was just a short profile on paper - now Aminah Hart married sperm donor Scott

The Greens skeptical waxes

Tine considering doing something with screw cap on milk after Sven and Armands discovery

Therefore, you get cramps in legs

The man with the hat is arrested

Man on Flisa charged with murdering his wife, punched and kicked her to death

Jeanette (31) uses Easter to study: - I want to make my family proud

Refaelis bikini image creates reactions - is she really pregnant?

The ultrasound showed why it was difficult for Christina (26) to get pregnant

Now my dear, and the world's best father in law, at home in heaven

To check thieves on Easter holiday

They fear for dental health by price war

Rage against deodorant giant. What you sell is dangerous

5 reasons why you should eat avocados every day

You know you are guaranteed again: Eight liar everyone tells himself

Flyktet til havs i 52 døgn uten mat. Da redningen kom var 33 av 50 i båten døde

Unskilled Britta took certificate - fell 40,000 in wages

My face was completely destroyed

They thought Arne (85) was demented, his food, a miracle happened

Big test - what's best? cheap or expensive brands?

Newborn Isabelle became world famous in a day

Blogger (30) - My favorite blogger, Anna Rasmussen, are grossly bullied!

tirsdag 22. mars 2016

Dead person found in a garage in Oslo

VG should test Paradise participants, it did not fare well

Ida Anne (24) received by sjekkeapper and flirting on the city

Ukrainian pilot could get 23 years in prison

Easter egg war started again: - This is a cheap publicity stunt

Rikke (20) weighed 154 kilograms - so she discovered that her boyfriend was cheating ...

A man tells of cancer family member in Telemark - Norway.

Ingrid got World Cup debut - so she was sent to hospital

7 techno trends that are changing the world now

Over a quarter million dropped Tv license

Woman mowed down by runaway car on pavement - seriously injured

It is discovered serious iMessage error

Tone and family were on their way to the airport when the SMS from Ryanair tikket

Male from Telemark (30) - I am finally married again after 6 months my wedding ring is finally found again

Woman died after sex game with cucumber

It was banned 40 years ago, but so treated mentally ill in Indonesia

Revealing chef mockery of guests

Jeanette (20) would simply stroll home after the party. There she never came

Britney Spears gets shut for "cheating image»

Here is the price tag of Breivik's lawsuit against the Norwegian state

The researchers replaced meat with fish. The effect was great

The wife of the world famous pianist charged with murder of the couple's two daughters

Car crash crushed Ritas face and made her blind: - I had to learn everything all over again

The waiter was shocked when she saw what the client had written on the bill

Oslo police will arm themselves after terror