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lørdag 31. oktober 2015

"We might have sat span of him"

He was knocked down by a cyclist

RIGHT NOW: "Now we celebrate the good!"

Hangnail threatens to "take a Bieber"

68,000 trying to lose weight. One thing worked

One person died in tunnel accident

These are cheaper toll roads

Took softgun with him at the cinema - sparked armed response

A Norwegian artist is convicted of having bought much sex from minors

Ella waited for their parents - died on the plane!

It's a battle every day to stay here

All 220 passengers are confirmed dead

Rannveig Heitmann: - The thoughts swirling body gets ready, and I do not know if I should be happy

Tips to several readers!

PREGNANCY and future plans!

Time since the age of 7 - the desire children been great

Young blogger: - I am very disappointed that Justin Bieber - But I forgive him?

Therese Charlotte M Nielsen has gone home to mum for a few days

Now then Michelle Rasmussen (4) finally ready to celebrate Halloween this year. See pictures now!

Sophie Elise Isachsen (20): The fans love Justin Bieber anyway, right?

Now Lotte Fagerheim (22) ready to vacation Halloween.Se pictures!

School students got Bieber used and dirty concert panty

Sunniva pursed her vagina to give birth at the new hospital

Luxury Broker and TV3 carpenter quarrels about million expense

Four years ago Halloween-killing: - They call it leave, but the killer lives as a free man

Local newspaper published Justin Bieber case - when "boiled» Facebook

Behind this steel gate you will find Trondheim's hidden sex club

School Employee charged with rape and suspected of abuse throughout Norway

A man has been charged after woman found dead in Trondheim

Anders Behring Breivik should get out in the community

"How we dress out for Halloween, dress you up like a human being. Therefore, you are not my father "

A plane with 224 passengers crashed in Egypt

fredag 30. oktober 2015

She warns new asylum policy and major cutbacks

A blogger has reported the police - review is received!

Do you have little white dots around the eyes?

Said he was going inside to get money for the taxi ride. Came out with this sword

Justin Bieber has broken the agreement with TV2-Norway!

Barbie does not have to pay attention to some

Hege (27): - Important, on the wise people of the ordinary kvinnen

Doctors missed Walters fractures

reaktionen när den drar igång

LIVE: Before the third day of the trial

Norwegian prisoners in the Netherlands feel deceived by the Norwegian authorities

Tips on how to fix Halloween costume last minute

Four apartments on fire

Norwegian Bieber girls exposed for several thousand hate speech and threats from around the world in the night

torsdag 29. oktober 2015

"All who loved Ahmed may come"

SWEDEN MURDER:- It will stay with me for a long time

The driver jumped out of the car on E18 and stuck to the wood

These muscles do not exercise every day

Facebook removes hidden function

Should have offered Martine scope in exchange for peace mediation

Here could police reviewed all motorists - whether they would